About Us

We are located in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC. In our kitchen, we cook the most delicious and nourishing Mexican dishes in town.

We cook a different meal Tuesday through Friday, so you can try as many traditional Mexican dishes as daily. While rotating our menu every week, we have a fixed menu Saturday and Sunday, Pozole and Tamales. 

We are open for take-out and delivery. Come visit us!


Our Story

It all began with a desire to share our traditional cooking using mom and grandma's recipes. We came to the realization that Vancouver was lacking a place where food felt like home. On those dark and rainy days, when we crave a nice warm meal,  tamales con atole and pozole will put a smile on your face.

We strive to provide premium dishes and friendly service. We support our community in any way possible and we are proud of our Latin roots. 

We cater

Let us do the cooking!​ We can cater for your special event. We would be delighted to be part of this special celebration. Tamales and Pozole are dishes like no other.



A traditional weekend dish! Whether you like the red or the plain version of this dish, we satisfy your palette.


Cater your food for your gathering. Authentic Mexican flavours and sazón make us proud. We have the best tamales in town.



Tuesday to Friday
10:30am -3pm

Saturday and Sunday

10:30am - 4pm


We are open for take-out and delivery

1605 West 5th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1N5


Tel: +1 778 885 5125


Thank you for visiting!

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